In accordance with guidelines issued by department of consumer affairs, Govt. of india dated 13 sept 2016. The Newly Launched Plan in month of july 2016 for Rs.1000/- has been discontinued. All ID's have been shifted to Life Care's generation Plan.
About Life Care
Established with a dream of providing a healthier, wealthier and happier life to people, Life Care Business has always been dedicated for providing people with products that make a difference. Whether be the step of promoting Olive oil and Blended Rice bran oil in India or the step of introducing the range of Health, Skin, Hair and Oral Care products, the company always had consumers in mind. Read More...
Why Life Care
We saw every where people are running here and there for new opportunities for some common desires and reasons. Everybody wants to convert his normal Life style into Good Life style. Life Care Business helps everyone to convert his/her normal Life style into Good Life style. How Life Care Business Helps... Read More...
1 Lifecare Oliva New Price Rs.625/-
2 Lifecare Unique New Price Rs.255/-
3 In accordance with guidelines issued
4 Use Life Care Germ Killer